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After your dog has had a day at The Dog Shed Spa, he'll feel as described in the poem below:
Thank you for coming to pick me up! It’s Me, your brand new, short-haired pup! I’m bouncing round the room like mad with no more matts to make me sad. My groomer gave me lots of hugs, and checked my skin for fleas & bugs! They may have been just hiding there beneath my wooly sheet of hair. I love to run, as you well know, but heard of dogs with matted toes. I told my groomer you love me lots, that you didn’t want me tied in knots. I asked if she could make a plan to help me look the best I can. So this is what she said we’d do to make me gorgeous through & through. It didn't take long from start to end, I knew you'd help; you’re my best friend!
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