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Services & Prices

If you are late for your appointment, you may be subject to a late fee (at the groomers discretion)

if the groomer decides to still work on your dog. Your spot may be taken by someone else if you 

are 30 mins late or more. 

Walk-In Gland Expression - $10
Get your dogs anal-sacs expressed for just $10. This will make him more comfortable and stop him from dragging his bum across the floor! If his anal-sacs are not expressed when needed, they might become infected and cause him a great amount of pain and you may have a vet bill on your hands later. If you are unsure whether or not your dog needs his anal-sacs expressed, feel free to ask questions. We will not express anal-sacs that don't need it.
Walk-In Nails/Ears - $10

Get your dog's nails clipped or filed for just $10. Get his ears cleaned and/or plucked for the same price.

Oral Care

Get your dogs teeth brushed with his groom for just $5 added to the overall cost. Or drop in for $10. Keep in mind that unless you brush your dogs teeth at home on a semi regular basis, us brushing his teeth once every groom will not prevent plack build up or take away long built up yellow stains. It is recommended that you brush their teeth at home or use a oral spray to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.  

Walks N' Wags Pet First Aid

Become certified in the leading Pet First Aid training program in the industry. At The Dog Shed Spa, we offer group training for businesses that are interested, or you can sign up individually and attend a class. You can even bring your own pet to the course. You'll learn important skills that can literally save your pets life, such as CPR, artificial respiration, choking skills, dealing with severe bleeds, poisonings, how to recognise illnesses, etc.At the end of the 10 Hour course, you'll be given a certificate that is good for 3 years. 





All Breed Dog Grooming


* If your dog has severe mats there will be an extra charge of $10-20. This will be discussed with you prior to payment.


Just a Tidy includes: Brush out, hair around the feet, bum, tail and face trimmed onlyEars plucked and cleaned, Nails clipped/filed. *This service isn't recommended for dogs with serious mats.


                         Starts at: $30


Bath & Tidy's include: Bath & Dry, Brush out, De-shedding if needed, Hair trimmed only around the feet/legs, bum, tail and face/head, Ears cleaned and/or plucked, Nails clipped and/or filed, anal glands expressed by request only.*There is no length taken off the body with this service.


                           Starts at: $36


Full Groom's include: Bath & Dry, Hair Cut & Styled/Shaved, De-matting/shedding if needed. Ears cleaned and/or plucked, Nails clipped and/or filed, anal glands expressed by request only.


                      Starts at: $53                        


Bath Only includes: Refreshing bath in a shampoo catered to your dogs specific needs. Blow dry. *Not recommended for dogs with mats.


                 Starts at: $20


Please note that these prices are the starting rate for grooming and will increase with certain factors, like time spent grooming the dog, condition of the coat, etc.




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